Time Flies……………….

Time is flying by as 2017 is almost halfway done.  One goal that I have this year is to purchase gifts through out the year. This way I will have birthday gifts, mother/father days gifts and some of my Christmas gifts done before the “event” is upon me.

I have made this goal happen thus far — several birthdays have been celebrated and Mother’s Day was a covered earlier this month.  And I am ready for Father’s Day!  One of my “Go To” places have been Globein.

Globein’s mission is to “deliver joy by empowering and connecting remarkable, remote artisans to mindful customers”.  I belong to the Globein and receive a beautiful artisan product every month.  The product comes boxed and ready for wrapping.  I ponder each month on who will receive that month’s box in the coming days.

June’s Artisan Box comes with a four beautiful items – Serape Blanket, Enamel Plate, Utensil Holder, and Plantain Chips.  You can receive $10 off your first box with the following:  $10 OFF GlobeIn Artisan Box (WELCOME).




Is it just me or does everyone have moments of procrastination?  Thesaurus.com provides the following synonyms: dawdle, dally, defer, lag, prolong and tarry.  Of course there are numerous others but those caught my interest.

Ana Swanson writes that “most psychologists see procrastination as a kind of avoidance behavior”. (article) I have always been one who completes projects as the last possible moment.  My best example is when I was completing my BSN degree five years ago and the assignment was due on Sunday @ 12 midnight and I started working on it Sunday evening.

I feel that one also procrastinates when one has too many “projects” on their To Do List.  My list of what I want to change/fix/do has blossomed way out of control since the kids have all reached adulthood.  I am writing this blog while I am learning about essential oils.   And there’s the full-time job that requires my attention.  I am also purging closets, children’s rooms, and a built out attic space of 18 years worth of stuff.  And then there’s the want to redecorate our home post kids!

So how does one move past procrastination?  List out your tasks and then prioritize them.  Take an individual task and determine the steps to complete that task.  Progress toward completing one step at a time can lead to the completion of the task.  It is also important to block out time on your calendar to complete certain tasks.  This block of time serves as a reminder that you need to work on a specific task.

One of my task to complete in the next week is to make the curtains for the back set of living area windows.  I have the material and measurements — the task is very simple and could be completed in about 4 hours if I would just set up the sewing machine and get it to it.  What do you need to do?


February 2, 2017

Well I missed last week…..but wait I have a great excuse!  We were cruising on the Royal Caribbean; Harmony of the Seas.  I could blame it on the lack of internet access but the ship has the best internet access I have every experienced on a cruise ship.  There was just too much fun to be had so I got off track.  I promise to tell you all about Harmony of the Seas, the newest ship for Royal Caribbean in next week’s blog.

So why do we travel?  Our goal is to get away from work and the responsibilities of home.  We spend the days together and reconnect.  Reconnecting allows us to come home re-fueled and ready for everyday life.  I do tend to stay “plugged in” to email and texting due to our children and elderly parents while we travel.   I believe this connection allows me to relax and not worry about things at home.

We believe our next adventure is a driving trip from Texas to Maine.  There are 21 states plus Washington DC left on my USA map that I have not visited.  With the trip we have planned – 9 states will be marked on the map.  I have been using an website, Roadtrippers, to plan this adventure.  The site allows you enter a starting place and a destination.  It will show you hotels, attractions, natural wonders and weird stuff along your route.  It also has numerous trip guides ready for you to use.  One that interest me is “Border to Border: The best stops along I-5”.  This trip is on the list for Spring 2018.  There are 34 stops along this 1,815 mile journey.

So where do you want to go?  Drop me a note and tell a friend about “Two Again”!


January 19, 2017 – Kids Leaving Home

Today a school bus ahead of me stopped to drop off two young children.  I watched them run up the driveway and into the house.  A smile crossed my face as I remember those sweet days with my children.

Watching ones children leave home isn’t easy.  My two oldest left home within a couple of weeks of each other.     One to join her husband at Camp Lejeune and the other to college in Arkansas.  My youngest did enjoy his senior year as an only child.  Then the day came for us to leave the him at his college dorm.  As we drove home, we both contemplated the days and years ahead.

A bucket list is a good place to start.  Our bucket list became 3 separate lists – house, yard and travel.  As we look around us, we were amazed at all the things that we had never gotten to done in our house and the land we live on.  Never regret the things that don’t get done when you are busy raising your kids.  Treasure their activities that causes you to miss cleaning the house or planting that flower bed.  Being part of our children’s life molded them into the young adults they are today.

Back to the bucket list — brainstorm about things you want to do together but don’t forget to find things that only you might want to do. We are ramping up our travel plans.  There’s a cruise in the next few weeks and tentatively a driving trip all the way to Maine in the fall.
I have started crocheting again and my essential oil practices keep me busy making blends and household cleaning products.  Hubby has started changing the family room back to his man cave.  Spring will bring yard work again.

So what is on your bucket list?


Two Again?

Two Again LogoTwo Again is a brand new blog that addresses life after the kids grow up.  Overnight it seems they go from being Children to Adults.

Then one looks around and finds it is just the two of us again.  We raised three children who were born within three years of each other.  The first child came ten months after we were married.  So that tells you we have haven’t had time to ourselves in quite sometime. After 22 years they have all reached adulthood and we are finally “Two Again”.

My Kids
June 2015

I look forward to sharing about our journey with just the two of us.  There will be lots of stories and laughter along the way.  Check out “Who Am I” and drop me a comment before you go!