Our Parents


Well the kids are all grown up but that means that our parents are also growing older.  So we turn from nurturing children to our parents.  My mom lives in an apartment on our property.  Steven’s parents live across the street.  This was an intentional plan on our part so that they could be involved in our children’s childhood and so that we would be there to care for them when they need assistance.

My father passed away last September and it was a blessing to have him right here with us until the end.  Yesterday we were called in to action when my mother-in-law fell and broke her right arm.  The close proximity makes it so easy to handle ER trips and future orthopedic appointments.  Parkinson, Dementia and Alzheimer are common words in our home.

Has it been easy to have family so very close?  Some days it is wonderful and some days its a challenge.  The challenging days are worth every moment as the good days make one forgot all the rest.  Sort of like childbirth……painful and then the blessing arrives.  The biggest blessing is that my children are friends with their grandparents and they are now stepping up to provide care when needed to them.  My beautiful young daughter spent 2 weeks at my dad’s side when he was in hospice.

Elders are so important in the Circle of Family!  Our family circle is ever evolving…..once my grandparents provide my care for me….our parents cared for our children……and we plan to provide care for our future grandchildren.

Call your mom….your dad….your grandparents…..they won’t be here for ever!