February 2, 2017

Well I missed last week…..but wait I have a great excuse!  We were cruising on the Royal Caribbean; Harmony of the Seas.  I could blame it on the lack of internet access but the ship has the best internet access I have every experienced on a cruise ship.  There was just too much fun to be had so I got off track.  I promise to tell you all about Harmony of the Seas, the newest ship for Royal Caribbean in next week’s blog.

So why do we travel?  Our goal is to get away from work and the responsibilities of home.  We spend the days together and reconnect.  Reconnecting allows us to come home re-fueled and ready for everyday life.  I do tend to stay “plugged in” to email and texting due to our children and elderly parents while we travel.   I believe this connection allows me to relax and not worry about things at home.

We believe our next adventure is a driving trip from Texas to Maine.  There are 21 states plus Washington DC left on my USA map that I have not visited.  With the trip we have planned – 9 states will be marked on the map.  I have been using an website, Roadtrippers, to plan this adventure.  The site allows you enter a starting place and a destination.  It will show you hotels, attractions, natural wonders and weird stuff along your route.  It also has numerous trip guides ready for you to use.  One that interest me is “Border to Border: The best stops along I-5”.  This trip is on the list for Spring 2018.  There are 34 stops along this 1,815 mile journey.

So where do you want to go?  Drop me a note and tell a friend about “Two Again”!


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2 thoughts on “February 2, 2017”

  1. Ahh the bucketlist. It is a long list and I always struggle with how to prioritize it. I loved your idea on breaking it down into 3 smaller buckets. It makes it more fun and less overwhelming and you could actually do several things simultaneously!!

    1. Well my husband told me that a Bucket List was for places you want to travel too. So it seems I have to call my house and yard lists something other than a bucket list. Thinking that they will be called Steven’s Priority To Do Lists!

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