Is it just me or does everyone have moments of procrastination? provides the following synonyms: dawdle, dally, defer, lag, prolong and tarry.  Of course there are numerous others but those caught my interest.

Ana Swanson writes that “most psychologists see procrastination as a kind of avoidance behavior”. (article) I have always been one who completes projects as the last possible moment.  My best example is when I was completing my BSN degree five years ago and the assignment was due on Sunday @ 12 midnight and I started working on it Sunday evening.

I feel that one also procrastinates when one has too many “projects” on their To Do List.  My list of what I want to change/fix/do has blossomed way out of control since the kids have all reached adulthood.  I am writing this blog while I am learning about essential oils.   And there’s the full-time job that requires my attention.  I am also purging closets, children’s rooms, and a built out attic space of 18 years worth of stuff.  And then there’s the want to redecorate our home post kids!

So how does one move past procrastination?  List out your tasks and then prioritize them.  Take an individual task and determine the steps to complete that task.  Progress toward completing one step at a time can lead to the completion of the task.  It is also important to block out time on your calendar to complete certain tasks.  This block of time serves as a reminder that you need to work on a specific task.

One of my task to complete in the next week is to make the curtains for the back set of living area windows.  I have the material and measurements — the task is very simple and could be completed in about 4 hours if I would just set up the sewing machine and get it to it.  What do you need to do?


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