What’s your home management style?

Do you run your house or does your house run you?  Or wait do you run away from your house every chance you get?  Confession time – I live in my office space which is clean and organized as much as possible.  I am here to tell you there is hope on the horizon for those of us who struggle with home management.

Stacy Myers with Humorous Homemaking created “Home Management How-To: A Guide to Daily Success”.  The course includes eight simple, easy-to-follow lessons.    Stacy is a stay at home mom but her course addresses stay at home moms, working moms and those of us who have become “Two Again”.  I am through lesson four and have already began to see a difference in my home.

As a working mom of three before they grew up, I felt like my home spiraled out of control most days.  Managing a home takes a routine that one can live with and accomplish day after day.  Honestly, I never found that routine.  This eCourse is guiding me to a new direction for my home and ultimately my peace of mind.  The course address a Realistic Routine as the most essential lesson.  Then it goes it into laundry, office work, errands, kitchen and cleaning.  Stacy even has a lesson on how to catch-up and get ahead plus my favorite lesson is the one on REST!

So if you are struggling with home management, check out the Humorous Homemaking.   Stacy will entertain you while she presents a powerful presentation to gain control of your home.